The Coastal 8WSC is a great way to not only reduce the sugar in your diet, but to also learn the basic principles of nutrition in a safe and nurturing environment.

What do we learn in the challenge?

The major point of the challenge is to provide a foundational knowledge of basic nutrition so that you can apply the skills to situations now and in the future. Each week we tackle a different topic, exploring it's history, myths, current research and dietary recommendations.

Week 1: Introduction to Nutrition & Label reading
Week 2: Dietary Fats
Week 3: Dietary Carbohydrates/Sugar
Week 4: Dietary Protein
Week 5: Fasting
Week 6: Exercise
Week 7: Gut Health
Week 8: Quiz & Questions

Do you provide a meal plan?

No. Because the structure of the challenge where we focus on one macronutrient each week, we simply get you to focus on making that change in your current diet. If we provide a meal plan for you, you won't be as likely to learn or to carry the information forward to other situations down the line. We are here throughout the entire challenge to assist with meal ideas and ingredient swaps and to help you modify your own diet.

How can I do the challenge?

There are a few different options to participate in the Coastal 8WSC:

  • Online: If you don't live nearby, you can easily sign up and complete the challenge online. We will email you the content on a weekly basis, and will catch up over the phone every second week. You will be supported with unlimited email contact too.
  • Group Challenge (Recommended): If you are based on the Sunshine Coast, come and join other like-minded individuals! The group challenge involves meeting as a group once a week for an hour. During this time, we will go through the content with you, and then take the time to answer questions and have a discussion. You will be supported with unlimited email contact too.
  • Individual Challenge: If you are local and would prefer a more personal experience, we are happy to work one on one with you to complete the challenge. This would involve meeting once each week for 45 minutes where we will go through the content together, as well as unlimited email support.

What are the costs involved?

Online: $130
Group: $160
Private: $320

Go to the program

Signing up to the Sugar Challenge is easy. Just click the "Learn More" button to be taken to program page where you can find out more, and sign up for the sugar challenge.