Dietary Consultations

Let an Accredited Practicing Dietitian help you reach your health and nutrition goals.

Food Intolerance Testing

Scientifically validated test identifying unwanted inflammatory responses to common foods.

Nutrition Assessment

Not ready for a consult but want an idea of how you are going with your nutrition?  


Coastal Dietetics is now offering a specialised, 4 month Diabetes Reversal Program! The program is suited to any individual with diabetes and is run by a qualified dietitian. The program will help individuals to control their sugar levels, reduce / eliminate need for medication, slow / halt disease progression and assist with other co-morbidities such as weight, cholesterol and blood pressure issues too.

Coastal 8 Week Sugar Challenge

The Coastal 8WSC is a dietitian approved program helping individuals to reduce total sugar intake and understand the basics of nutrition. We educate on a different nutrition topic each week in a progressive order, allowing you the best opportunity to make sense of nutrition, create changes for good and ask plenty of questions. Unlimited dietitian support throughout the challenge!


Supermarket Tours

A supermarket tour is a great way to get a taste into the world of nutrition. Come along to learn how to read a nutritional label, what to look for in the ingredient list, what commercial products to avoid and have all your shopping questions answered. Tours go for ~1hr. Bookings essential.

Online Nutrition

Can't make it into the clinic? No problem! With the great advancement of technology, we can speak with you via Skype or Telephone. Whether you want to complete the 8WSC, have a private consultation or discuss business opportunities, we are here to help!

Corporate Nutrition

Let Coastal Dietetics take control over the nutrition side of your business. Wether you need some meal plans for your PT business, a professional to edit and check your health content or simply a dietitian to come and chat to your employers/clients, we have you covered.

Get in touch now to discuss your idea further.

Speaking Engagements

Coastal Dietetics happily offer their services to speak publically providing the talk aligns with our business values and morals. Get in touch to discuss your next event. 

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