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Meet Emma

Emma is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist having graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. Emma understands the importance of providing personalised nutrition advice that is tailored to the individual and supports their goals. Emma provides a high standard of care and utilises an unbiased, holistic and evidenced-based approach.

Emma's focus

When collaborating with clients, Emma uses an approach that is client centred, realistic and practical to assist with achieving optimum health and wellbeing. She is highly motivated, caring and loves to help others succeed.

Emma has a keen interest in the prevention and management of chronic diseases, with a particular interest in:

Word Diabetes and diabetic accessories on wooden background


(Type 2, prediabetes and

at the grocery store

Weight Management

(Gain, loss or maintenance)

Close Up Of Group Of Men And Women At Mental Health Group Therapy Meeting

Mental Health

(anxiety, depression, stress)

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