Dietary Consultations

“A dietitian is a person with a qualification in nutrition and dietetics recognised by national authority[s]. The dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and disease.”

– Dietitian’s Association of Australia 

Would I Benefit from Seeing a Dietitian?

In short, yes. Everybody eats food, whether it is homemade, take away or eating out, and therefore everybody would benefit in some way from improving their diet.

Coastal Dietetics sees clients for both preventative measures and therapeutic measures when in the presence of disease.

While the door is open to anyone who wishes to discuss and improve their nutrition, dietary input is especially important for those with the following:

What is involved in a consult?

We look at a variety of aspects in your life, such as:

Do I Need a Referral?

While referrals are accepted, it is not mandatory that you have a referral to see a dietitian. You may be able to claim from your private health insurance or the NDIS.

If you have a chronic disease, you may be entitled to an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or DVA referral. Ask your doctor today if you are eligible.

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Do you acccept private Health?

Of course! Take your invoice from Coastal Dietetics off to your Private Health fund and they will be able to process your claim. In some cases, you can claim online.

Dietitian rebates differ depending on the private health fund. You can call your Private Health ahead of time to find out how much you will get back from your Dietitian consultation.

Please note that you cannot use an EPC referral as well as your Private Health in the same consultation.

How Long are the Consultations?

Depending on your referral, an initial consultation is up to 60 minutes, and a review is up to 30 minutes. If you feel you need longer, please contact the clinic so we can set more time aside.

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What are the costs involved?

EPC Referral

Initial consultation: 30 minutes, $95 and you receive the Medicare rebate
Review consultations: 30 minutes, $95 and you receive the Medicare rebate

Private Referral

If you don't have a referral, you are still most welcome to come along for a consult. You do not need a referral to attend.

Initial consultation: 60 minutes, $170
Review consultations: 30 minutes, $95

Rebates from Private Health are dependent on your provider. You can call them ahead of time to ask how much you can expect to receive. Dietitians use the codes 500 (in person initial), 301 (telehealth initial), 600 (in person review) and 302 (telehealth review).

Make An Appointment!

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